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call contract function signed on client side web3.js 1.0 [duplicate]

I don't think the web3.js 1.0 docs cover this. I found this post. but the answer seems outdated. How to properly create a raw transaction and sign it using web3 in browser I'd like to use web3.js 1....
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Web3 - how to send transaction with some data and include Ether at the same time?

Using web3 0.20.3 I want to call function and send some Etherium at the same time. JavaScript Contract = web3.eth.contract(ABI); Instance ='0x162b74ea16da6ae9d7f7b349eaeab2fcadf4e835')...
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Offline creation of signed contract transactions with web3js v1.2.11

I'm attempting to sign a contract transaction offline using web3js v1.2.11. signingAddr = //my eth address signingPk = //my private key // docs: The options object for the contract instance. from, ...
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Can I use web3js without setting the provider?

So I have two NodeJS applications, both implementing web3js. The first node is used for creating and signing transactions, then it sends raw signed transaction to the second node. Finally, the second ...
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Is running a ethereum node necessary to deploy contracts with JSON RPC?

everybody, I'm currently trying to learn how to automatically deploy a smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain and I heard of the JSON RPC way of doing that. There are the eth_sendTransaction and ...
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How can I use Web3.js to specify a specific user?

I'm new at Web3.js. In geth, I need to unlock an account before I use this account to send some transactions. This does make sense. But in web3.js, I don't know how to specify the account. ...
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Calling payable state changing function on client side with metamask in ethereum infura testnet

I can't seem to find an answer for my problem, or it's either impossible and I'm missing something, or it's trivial and I'm missing something. I have this function on client side: const bet = web3....
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How to update value on ethereum blockchain without metamask?

pragma solidity 0.4.24; contract UniToken{ string value="Hello"; function set(string x) public { value = x; } function get() public view returns (string) { return ...
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Interact with a contract using Web3 Wallet

I am trying to interact with a contract without a provider as Metamask/Mist. I know that web3 has an option to create a new Wallet and I have been seeing code examples about that but all of them ...
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Can I use a truffle-contract instance in the data field of web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction?

I use truffle-contract for contract abstraction. const myContract = TruffleContract(MyContractArtifact); myContract.setProvider(web3.currentProvider); I'm using Infura as the web3 provider so need ...
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