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Why is UTXO model better than Account model? [duplicate]

According to this I infer that UTXO is better (or at least more secure) than Account model. The reason why transactions work this way is because it’s an easier and more secure way of doing it from ...
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How does Ethereum account state change? [duplicate]

Ethereum uses Accounts instead of UTXO (Bitcoin). I would like to know how does the ledger keep the account state (technical details if possible)? Does it modify the ledger (accounts) by incrementing ...
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How does the Ethereum ETH accounting system work and prevent double-spends?

In Bitcoin, the BTC accounting system is based on UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs), which prevents the same BTC from being spent multiple times. I heard that Ethereum has a simpler account balance ...
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How are Ether balances stored on the Ethereum blockchain

My understanding of Bitcoin is that balances are not stored but are instead calculated by summing all in and out transactions. Are Ether balances calculated in the same way or are they stored ...
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Does a mining reward transaction have a hash?

I can't find a mining reward transaction hash for a given block. I can see the block hash, all the transactions inside the block, etc. But the mining reward transaction is not listed among the details....
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Importing private key: Why is it so fast?

I've just imported two private keys with both, geth and the zcash-cli. While the zcash-cli (a public t.* address) took more than 15 minutes* (I guess it scanned the whole blockchain), geth was ...
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Is it possible to have multiple address in the same account?

I mean : getting several payments from several addresses to the same account so I could send all the coins at once and not paying the fee for each transaction I'm willing to run ETH Node if necessary ...
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How to get UTXO set using JSON API?

My blockchain development background is in Bitcoin, but it now seems to me that the most dynamic and interesting blockchain platform is Ethereum. In my quest to grok the Ethereum protocol I'm ...
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multiple addresses for ethereum wallet

Creating smth like a crypto broker and faced problem - erc-20 wallets does not support multi addresses. For example bitcoin wallets provide opportunity to create a lot of public keys, so we can make a ...
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How do you get the UTXOs a transaction is spending using web3.js?

I'm unsure how to get the UTXOs that a transaction is spending. Here's what I have so far. I get transaction details from txhash web3.eth.getTransaction("...
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How does Ethereum know that I have enough ETH to spend?

Ethereum uses account-based model. It means that if account A has 50 ETH and sends 10 ETH to account B, transaction will look like "send 10 ETH from A to B" (no inputs and outputs as in UTXO). With ...
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How are patricia trees used to prove the balance of an account?

I understand how merkle trees are used to prove the balance of an address with a small subset of the blockchain. On the Ethereum case, though, the result of a transaction could depend on the final ...
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State transiation logic

I read the whitepaper of ethereum and I have a question: APPLY(S,TX) -> S' My question is since S is defined as a set of UTXO, but AFAIK the blockchain does not store each balance in a block, is ...
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