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When will the difficulty bomb make mining impossible?

I know the answer must be out there in the code already, but I couldn't figure out where exactly. Could someone do the maths for me: With block 200k the difficulty bomb started increasing the ...
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How does the Ethereum Homestead difficulty adjustment algorithm work?

From From EIP 2, the Homestead difficulty adjustment algorithm is: block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(2**...
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What if difficulty bomb makes mining impossible before POS release?

As mining difficulty raises and POS is still not ready, I was just wondering if POS release can still be on time compared to the difficulty bomb giving too high difficulty. In simpler words, is there ...
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What happened to the average blocktime during this period?

What happened to Ethereums blocktime from April to October last year (2017)? In the whitepaper, Vitalik said the difficulty should adjust at a maximum rate of 0.1% per block (around 100% per 12 ...
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How long will it be till ETH is not worth mining? (Ice Age)

I believe we recently started a period where difficulty bombs in ETH will have substantial effect, but it is surprisingly hard to find throughout explanation about this online, hence the question. ...
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Parity: what is "bombDefuseTransition"

I see the Parity option for "bombDefuseTransition" here, under chain spec: Two questions: 1 - Why is this needed? (Would I be correct ...
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Difficulty growing exponentially with block chain length?

The Ethereum Yellow Paper includes on page 6 in equation (44) a term which contributes to the difficulty of a block. This term is added to the difficulty in equation (39). is an exponential ...
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what is the use of difficulty in ethereum blockchain?

Why ethereum has introduce difficulty and what is the use of difficulty in blockchain? I have seen that we can use static difficulty for blockchain . So why we not use static difficulty for public ...
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What is the Muir Glacier hardfork?

What is the Muir Glacier hardfork on the Ethereum mainnet?
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Where can I set the max/total supply of ether for a private ethereum blockchain?

I have created a private ethereum based blockchain and I would like to set the max/total supply and not sure where to do this or how to do this during the genesis block creation.
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Why is avg. block time growing so much latley [duplicate]

how come average block time is growing this much latley? In March it was around 14.5 and today is around 24. I know that hash rate is growing fast, but shouldn't every difficulty adjustment reset avg. ...
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How will the transition from PoW to Casper's PoS work? [duplicate]

How will the transition from PoW to Casper's PoS work? Is there a spec written? Have there been any tests? Has code or documentation been written?
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Correlation between network difficulty and total hash rate

I am expecting a linear relationship between difficulty and hash rate. If I generate a scatter plot between the two variables I can see a linear relationship, but also values that are not on the line (...
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Has the Hard fork (and surrounding issues) affected the planned transition from Proof of Work to PoS

There was a lot of talk about Ethereum switching from PoW to PoS some time this year. Has the DAO and the Hard Fork delayed or otherwise affected when that might happen?
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What happens if the block time changes to 5 seconds?

Related to this and this. The difficulty adjustment algorithm is: block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(...
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