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How long does it take to reach consensus? [duplicate]

I know it takes about 10 minutes on Bitcoin? How long does it take to reach consensus on Ethereum so that I can start trusting a transaction? EDIT: I am not asking about pending transactions. ...
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Can confirmed Ethereum transactions be reversible? [duplicate]

I need a way to ensure that transactions coming to my non-smartcontract Ethereum wallet can't be reversed. Is it enough to check that each incoming transaction has as least N confirmations just like ...
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What is an uncle/ommer block?

The Ethereum blockchain is described as containing "ommer" blocks, usually called "uncle" blocks by the general public. What is an ommer/uncle block, and why are they needed?
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What is nonce in Ethereum? How does it prevent double spending?

recently I got fascinated by blockchain, and started learning Ethereum. I came across the concept of the nonce in Ethereum. After researching I found out that nonce is used for two purposes. a. To ...
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How can a DApp detect a fork or chain reorganization using web3.js or additional libraries?

Take an example of a voting DApp. A user clicks on a vote button, then behind the scenes a transaction gets mined on the blockchain, and finally the DApp tells the user their vote has been recorded. ...
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Waiting for a transaction to be confirmed

Reading through the web3.js transaction documentation, what is an optimal approach of waiting for a transaction to confirm? The method sendTransaction() returns a String - The 32 Bytes transaction ...
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How should I handle blockchain forks in my DApp?

In the user interface of my DApp, how can I detect that a blockchain reorganization happened and what should I do to update the UI state once the fork is resolved?
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Filters: what's "latest" and "pending"?

I want to monitor accounts for incoming transactions (RPC/IPC API) and call a function whenever any one of a number of monitored accounts receives ether which is "confirmed", as in, "sufficiently many ...
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Get the status of transaction

Looking for a way to understand success (or failure) for ethereum transaction. When we execute a contract method (send transaction) we receive it hash. Transaction is added to the block, block is ...
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What are the differences (and relationship) between the steps used to (1) validate a transaction and (2) confirm a block?

On the Ethereum blockchain, what is the difference (and relationship between) (1) the process used to validate a transaction and (2) the process used to confirm a block? It seems that these processes ...
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How to handle ether deposits like exchanges do?

One of the core philosophies of Ethereum is decentralization. However, there are still many valid use cases to provide centralized wallet services, exchanges being one of the most well known examples. ...
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Can a transaction get lost?

Given that I am connected to the network with at least one peer, can I be sure that a transaction I sent will be executed (either with fail or success)? Is there a possibility that it will never make ...
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Transaction receipts, blocks and confirmations

In Bitcoin, there is a best practice to wait between three to six block confirmations before accepting an transaction. This is to avoid double spending. Are there similar rules of thumb in Ethereum? ...
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Transaction Confirmations in the transactions log

I setup a private net where only 4 nodes are connected. But when I am doing transactions and checking my transactions log. I am getting hundreds of confirmations. Who can see my private Ethereum ...
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How to check if an event is confirmed?

When an event is triggered, you get something like this: { "address": "0x0a7a177321f3b3b6e2299e621eb32e892b141b4b", "topics": [ "0x0d332ed5c7d6f1999116748c0eb99c740f276d879d025a5be6435fcf177785de"...
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