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How can I call a function from a deployed smart contract on ethereum?

I'm a junior blockchain developer, I deployed a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain for NFT collection. How can I call reveal function to reveal NFTS using remix or ethers js ? function reveal() ...
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Can I get abi file from deployed contract? or resore abi json file

I deployed ERC-721 contract to mainnet last night with truffle Contract is successfully deployed but no abi file generated (I don't know why..) so I can't run my dapp
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Can I get the ABI and contract code from the deployed address? [duplicate]

If I have the address of the solidity contract, can I from that address determine the source code and the ABI? I mean by this, is there a function to call in etherscan or something like that?
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What if I don't verify a contract?

I have a question, what if I have a simple contract that has a public function "give something to this adress" and that will be called from a website I will put it on-chain but will not verify it ...
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Convert contract arguments to ABI-encoded format

My Contract Source Convert contract arguments to ABI-encoded format How???
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Getting ABI data for ERC20 tokens programatically with Web3 [duplicate]

I am just starting to dive into Web3. I am trying to display the various ERC20 token values for a given Ethereum Address. The pieces I need to do this are: Token Contract Address Token Contract ABI ...
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Web3.js Get Contract Abi Knowing Only Contract Address

is there a way with web3.js to get a contract abi json, knowing only the contract address? I cannot find anymore a link in wich they explain how to do this, in this post the guy replied telling that ...
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Contract not deploying on blockchain using solc & web3

I am using the npm package of solc to compile the contracts and accessing it as given here. It is compiling my contracts. But when I try to deploy the contract using web3.eth.sendTransaction({data: ...
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How do I import contracts to Mist?

I see no option to import contracts. Would appreciate any help here. I do not have the contract code, but I do have its address.
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Getting a contract by address only (without ABI definition)

Is it possible to get a contract only by its address without the ABI definition? I'm experimenting with ethereum in a private network through the web3.js client console. The problem is that any ...
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Do I need a compiled contract just to get the ABI definition?

Why do I need a compiled version of the contract just to get the ABI definition? Seems like the contract address should be enough. Im very confused because I am simply trying to run a contract ...
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What is an ABI and why is it needed to interact with contracts?

ABI is referenced in many places including the official Ethereum website. What is an ABI and why is it necessary to use?
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