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How Ethereum consensus validates same transaction from different miners? [duplicate]

In an Ethereum node, my brief understanding regarding transaction flow is below. When a client initiates a transaction, all mining nodes receives this request. Based on gas price, miner choose to ...
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"Correct" chain in en very small blockchain [duplicate]

First, this question may have been partly answered here but what I will ask is very specific. I have a chain with 3 nodes (A, B and C), all are mining. A mines the block 1000 and synchronizes with C ...
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What is the exact "longest chain" rule implemented in the Ethereum "Homestead" protocol?

This paper from 2016 claims (in section 3.3.2, speaking about the actual Ethereum implementation as opposed to the specification) that: although uncle blocks that are included in a block receive a ...
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Where is blockchain scalability bottleneck?

There is a moment I still don't understand about blockchain. I've never seen ethereum client coniniously under 100% CPU or network load. So why isn't it possible to process transactions faster? I ...
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What happens if the block time changes to 5 seconds?

Related to this and this. The difficulty adjustment algorithm is: block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(...
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Why doesn't ethereum have a fast relay network like Bitcoin?

I'm talking about nodes that miners connect to that help relay blocks fast, to reduce hash power wastage and forks: and
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Does block difficulty adjust with different gas limits?

Ethereum has a dynamic gas limit, a market governed by the miners. Does the block difficulty change if the gas limit is changed? For example with an increased gas limit from 3 million GAS to 6 million ...
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What happens if no (unique) longest chain of blocks exists, so that the current state of Ethereum is ambigious? [duplicate]

What happens if no (unique) longest chain of blocks exists, so that the current state of Ethereum is ambigious? I know that the longest chain of blocks are always taken to be the current state of ...
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Why is ethereum's mining function is safe as bitcoin's proof of work?

bitcoin's mining time is about 15 minutes while ethereum's mining time is 10 seconds. Is not it bad for ethereum's mining time to be too short? (from security aspect). Why is it so important for ...
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What is Ethereum mainnet - Byzantium fork status

I don't understand the loops with different Hash but same block number @ Are they Uncles?
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