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Can you make HTTP calls with Solidity? [duplicate]

I want to create a very close to random number generator for a smart contract which I would like to do HTTP calls to webservices to do. Is that able to be done with Solidity? I am just digging into ...
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How can an Ethereum contract get data from a website?

What is the process/workflow behind the process where an Ethereum contract gets some data from a website?
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What advantages and disadvantages does Open Blockchain / Hyperledger / Fabric have over Ethereum?

Similar to this question about Ethereum and Bitcoin: What advantages and disadvantages does Open Blockchain (OBC) have over Ethereum? What can you do with OBC that you simply cannot with Ethereum? ...
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Why do smart contract languages need to be deterministic?

I read somewhere that smart contract languages need to be deterministic. Why?
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What is a blockchain oracle?

What is a blockchain oracle for smart contracts? And why is it needed? I've seen a lot of posts about "how do oracles work", and "what is the oracle problem" but I don't understand ...
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Smart contract consensus for dummies

I've read a few other questions/answers on smart contract consensus by nodes in the network, but I still don't understand the steps. Here's how I picture it: Two parties might agree upon a smart ...
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Reading Ethereum contract state variables

Is this assumption correct ? There is absolutely no way an ethereum contract can send data to the external world. It can only modify its state variables (later stored in the new block)and send ...
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Is there a way to get the *current* price of ETH in solidity function?

Is it possible to get the current price of ETH in USD in a buyTokens function of a deployed solidity smart contract? For instance, every time GETH starts up is determines the price of ETH during ...
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Can you make ajax requests in a Dapp?

Mist recently launched its Beta (0.8.0), you can call any website for getting the HTML and JS files. What happens if inside my Dapp I make a XMLHttpRequest?
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Is it possible to invalidate a smart contract?

How can I invalidate a smart contract that has already been deployed? I might want to do so because of business reasons, and maybe beneficial network effects. Is it possible to invalidate a smart ...
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How to make an API call in solidity using Chainlink?

I am following the documentation from the Chainlink site, and I am attempting to make an API call. The main issue is I'm not sure what "address" is referring too. I am using remix in solidity v0.6 ...
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Can you interact with other blockchains' tokens by using an Ethereum smart-contract?

Let's say that a dev has a public and private key of an address on another blockchain. He wants to create a smart-contract that can interacts with these coins, for moving them, for selling them, etc. ...
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How can I build a smart Oracle of my own for a smart contract? [closed]

I need my smart contract to access data from some source. I want to build a smart Oracle in order to achieve this.
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How to track incoming to smart contract transactions using web3js?

I've got one Ethereum smart contract which calls functions of the other one. How could I track these calls using web3js or some other tool if it is possible at all? I need it because I want to execute ...
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How do you handle a non-deterministic change during smart contract execution?

I read the following E-SO post and also several threads on Ethereum/Solidity forums regarding smart contracts and external servers (anything involving a socket): Why can't contracts make API ...
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