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How much is 1 gas in ether? [duplicate]

On Etherscan the daily GasUsed chart shows current usage of 10-15 bill. How do I convert this correctly to ether (ETH)?.
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How does gas in Ethereum works? [duplicate]

Let say I have a code that print "Hello World". I deploy it to the blockchain and pay 1000 gas for it. Will my code keep running for every subsequent block till it runs out of gas? Or will it only run ...
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What's the point in the 'gas' parameter passed to function 'signTransaction'? [duplicate]

I am using web3.js v1 in order to sign and send transactions: async function signAndSend(transaction) { let options = { to : transaction._parent._address, data: transaction....
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If gas is refunded, is it required to call? [duplicate]

Suppose a smart contract external function uses very much gas, but refunds (with .transfer()) the used gas to the caller. Question: Can it be called with a small amount of gas despite it uses much? ...
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Can I say that gas cost is generated due to the EVM Read/Write of opcodes? [duplicate]

I checked the official document of ETH and found that there is a gas cost on each opcode. I want to know why the Gas cost is generated. Can I say that gas cost is generated due to the EVM read/write ...
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Etherscan Show Fail out of gas. Eth deducted. But transaction not completed [duplicate]

I have enough ETH to pay the gas fee. After I click accept the transaction fail and it show out of gas on etherscan. Now the gas have been deducted but no transaction happen. Can someone help? The gas ...
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Pending Transaction. How long may it take? [duplicate]

I have a question about this specific transaction: 0xd0dfbefc699ba79c2ddd86b0f7176e3e6491534db0a57597ec7aab9ce3e71726 the transaction is pending for some days now. I offered 5 gwei as fee. Max Amount ...
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What is the difference between a transaction and a call?

What is the difference between a transaction and a call? In some interfaces, I can interact with contracts via calls or via transactions. What is the difference between the two, and can contracts also ...
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Which cryptographic hash function does Ethereum use?

Many sources refer to the use of the "SHA3" cryptographic hash function within Ethereum, but the Ethereum project began before the SHA3 standard was finalised, and there was some confusion/controversy ...
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How to calculate transaction fee?

For calculating the transaction fee using web3js I am using it's gas price: eth.getTransaction("txhash").gasPrice multiplied by how much gas was actually used: eth.getTransactionReceipt("txhash")....
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How do I know how much gas to use when calling a contract?

When I am calling (sending a transaction to) a contract how do I determine how much gas to use? Is there a way to calculate this upfront & what happens if I send too much / too few gas?
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Is it possible to build a private (permissioned) blockchain with Ethereum?

Ethereum is a great blockchain, but for some services the transaction fee is prohibitively too expensive. Is there any project and/or guideline on making Ethereum so it works on permissioned ...
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Who gets the fee from contract call?

Basically you don't need to pay fee for contract call, but if a contract method does lots of work, you need to add gas in contract call to prevent DoS attack like this:{gas: ...
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Why does Ethereum have gas?

Why does Ethereum have gas? What other approaches could Ethereum have used to work around the Halting Problem?
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What is the point of variable transaction fees in Ethereum (and Bitcoin as well)?

After reading through the docs and through this post, I understand the concept and need for gas, but I do not understand why each transaction can have a variable fee associated with it. It seems to be ...
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