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Smart contracts and IoT: how will they call the physical world?

Ethereum and IoT: if smart contracts cannot contact the "outside world", how will they trigger car unlocks and other things with the "smart" property? An AirBnB example: a smart contract between two ...
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Smart contract based betting — protection against depreciation

Let’s say I want to enter into a bet with my friend — if it rains 10 days from now, I will pay him $100; if it doesn’t, he will pay me $100. Would it be possible to take advantage of smart contract ...
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How to access an API from a solidity smart contract?

I saw how this can be done using Oraclize. Is there any native way to access an API from a solidity smart contract? I understand there is a restriction on the solidity program to be able to call an ...
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Writing to IPFS directly from solidity contract

Does anyone know how to add a file to IPFS directly from a solidity contract?
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Become your own Oracle? Can you put your own real world data into your Ethereum contracts? [duplicate]

I was reading this link and have a question that I don't think was answered there . I understand that the third party providers act as Oracles and they bridge the gap by putting real world info into ...
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Smart Contracts and Insurances, how is an event determined?

I recently came across this article: There they claim to have built an Flight Insurance Smart Contract ...
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Can contract code query the block chain?

Is it possible to have a contract whose methods iterate through the block chain? in that they can read block/transaction related data and make transactions based on them? Or monitor the block chain ...
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How can I build a smart Oracle of my own for a smart contract? [closed]

I need my smart contract to access data from some source. I want to build a smart Oracle in order to achieve this.
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Can you make HTTP calls with Solidity? [duplicate]

I want to create a very close to random number generator for a smart contract which I would like to do HTTP calls to webservices to do. Is that able to be done with Solidity? I am just digging into ...
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Price calculation of the crypto currency

I am learning solidity. I want to ask how does the value of the token is calculated. Like how does the value of a coin increase and decrease in a programmatical way? which technology or method is used ...
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Trigger manual DB UPSERTs through smart contract

Can I add a trigger to smart contract to insert/update data to my traditional DB. E.g. Let's say I have students private blockchain where each student has to update their info. Once they insert/update ...
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