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How to compile Solidity contracts with Geth v1.6?

I tried to compile the following contract within geth: pragma solidity ^0.4.8; contract Test { uint256 public value; function Test() { value = 123; } } using the following ...
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Where can I find some Solidity / Smart Contract source code examples? [closed]

Is there an easy to access list of Solidity / Smart Contracts / Dapps source code examples? Related information: Is there a list of DAPPS that are already useable? Where can I learn how to develop ...
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How to write my first Solidity "Hello World" smart contract?

I have never written a smart contract before because there is a lot attached to it getting it working. But I finally want to learn it now. I want to write a simple mininmal working smart contract ...
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Unable to define greeterContract in the Greeter tutorial. Breaking change in Solidity 0.4.9!

I was following the Greeter tutorial on Go Ethereum wiki and got stuck on the "var greeterContract = web3.eth.contract(" phase returning TypeError: Cannot ...
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How does EtherScan know I am sending to a Shapeshift/Poloniex wallet?

I have noticed many transactions on Etherscan that indicate one of the parties is a certain type of wallet (e.g. Poloniex or Shapeshift). Here is an example. How does it identify the source? Do these ...
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What’s the role of the EVM in a plain ether transfer between Externally Owned Accounts?

In a plain ether transfer from one Externally Owned Account to another, for which the base fee of 21000 gas has been provided, how is the EVM involved if at all? I realize that the signature needs to ...
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How to execute Smart contracts on a private Blockchain network

I have created a private Blockchain network on my Windows system with one node. I have created accounts and was able to transfer ethers across them. Now I want to deploy smart contracts on this ...
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Unable to make greeter contract

For the past 7 days I've been trying to make the greeter contract, I've been through 4 different physical computers in 2 different locations and have tried multiple different ways on 3 different ...
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Deploying Smart Contract into Ethereum testnet

I have followed this guide (or equivalently ) when trying to deploy a simple Smart Contract into Ethereum testnet. I am ...
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Why is my Greeter contract not mined on --testnet?

I'm working on the contracts tutorial. Here's the code (including contract): var greeterSource = 'contract mortal { address owner; function mortal() { owner = msg.sender; } function kill() { if (msg....
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Create contract in Go-ethereum with Solidity, "Hello world" program

I want to create contract in go-ethereum using Solidity, I started with "Hello world" program. I create a private network: $geth --genesis private.json --networkid 1234 --datadir /home/user/...
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Can I run Geth connected to public network without syncing and do a smart contract function transaction and expect it to mine?

Is there a way to run Geth connected to public Blockchain without syncing and still expect my smart contract function transaction to be mined ?? as following answer Can I run Geth without syncing? ...
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How to call Library Function from a Contract? => [error] The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas amount. undefined

When I compiled following code at "" it gives me two Web3 deploy code for: var libraryContract = web3.eth.contract(...); //Web3 deploy code var ...
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Do I need to be synced to the blockchain to create a contract?

I haven't been able to run the Greeter contract on the live network and am referring to these excellent Q&As for guidance. I have a feeling that it's because my client hasn't finished syncing with ...
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What programs should a beginner solidity developers use?

At this time I write code in the 'Solidity realtime ethereum compiler and runtime' chrome extension. And I test my codes on the main net. Are there better programs or how can I get test ether?
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