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account nonce - what if it did not exist? [duplicate]

I can't understand how account nonce actually avoids double spending. Every answer about this on the internet follow the pattern "If you only have 50 Eth and try to send 50 to A and 50 to B with ...
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MEW offline transactions broadcasting [duplicate]

When I create a signed transaction on my offline computer and then broadcast it on my online computer. What hinders a node to broadcast it again after my transaction is included in a block?
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Nonce question please [duplicate]

can I have the meaning of the word Nonce explained please the question is rejected .. you people really do not wish there to be normal understanding by normal every day members of the public
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question about transaction [duplicate]

If BOB have 1 Ether and Send it to alice, and at the same time send 1 lip to Eve , because the first transaction not mined yet How i can make sure that BOB can't send double transaction after ...
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What number of confirmations is considered secure in Ethereum?

In Bitcoin, 6 confirmations are considered secure (very low probability of transaction/block reversal). What is the current number in Ethereum?
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Concurrency patterns for account nonce

The account nonce is the only element in the transaction structure that prevents replay attack (as explained in this very good answer). It essentially forces sequentialisation of an account's ...
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How does the Ethereum ETH accounting system work and prevent double-spends?

In Bitcoin, the BTC accounting system is based on UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs), which prevents the same BTC from being spent multiple times. I heard that Ethereum has a simpler account balance ...
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Transaction having low gasPrice makes all the other transactions hang on the pending state

I have a small private network that has a proof-of-authority engine created via geth-clique using Geth Version: 1.8.3-unstable, currently there are three signer nodes and two other non-signer nodes (...
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Can't send a new transaction with a lower nonce while the previous one is still pending

Several days ago I sent a transcaction via MetaMask, to a different account of mine, with a gas fee of 30 gwei. It's still pending due to a fee being too low. A transaction contains all Eth in an ...
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How to skip transactional nonce for private ethereum chain

We are using a private ehtereum chain on geth. It is mainly for the purpose of storing the values as part of transactions and distribute across our private network. However when we are sending ...
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Transaction, block and mining

I'm looking for a detailed explanation (video would be the best) how and when transaction is being mined on Ethereum network (in theory), since the moment it's created with web3.eth.sendTransaction(). ...
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How can I increase the nonce in Smart Contract?

We all know that the nonce of smart contract can be added 1 time when one subcontract is created using solidity. I'd like to know if the creation of subcontract is the only way to increase nonce. If ...
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Webj3 erc20 specify nonce for token transfer

How do you specify a nonce when sending erc20 tokens using web3j?
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Getting errors if sending transactions at short time intervals

I am on the kovan network and use web3 to execute transactions and query the blockchain. If I send many requests in short time intervals (1-15 seconds) one after the other, I get several errors >70% ...
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Is it possible for 2 transactions from the same address to be mined in the same block?

If I send my ETH from address 0xA, and then immediately send another one also from address 0xA, is it possible for the two to be mined in the same block? Or the second transaction must always be mined ...
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