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How does the Ethereum ETH accounting system work and prevent double-spends?

In Bitcoin, the BTC accounting system is based on UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs), which prevents the same BTC from being spent multiple times. I heard that Ethereum has a simpler account balance ...
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How to prevent a replay attack between two competing chains?

After the recent hardfork we have a winning chain and a much shorter losing chain left. However, if you are pro or agains the fork, you could still mine and use one chain or the other. Now, there is ...
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I've sent ether from testnet to mainnet but didn't receive anything. Why?

A few days ago I made a transaction at an address known to me (tx made from testnet to global main net). The transaction took place and received over 6 confirmations. The next day this transaction was ...
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How to withdraw from

So last week I went on and clicked the "Get Address" button then entered a seed phrase which I saved and still know. Then it told me my address was ready. I then bought 78 ethers on ...
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What is the difference between account nonce and block nonce?

Block and accounts both use a value called "nonce" but they seem to represent something very different. For account I understand that the nonce is an integer quantity indicating the number of ...
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EIP155. How chainId works?

I know signed transaction got v=37. now I am wondering how 'v=37' is used to check that the transaction is right one. nodes check v of every transaction they received?
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Transaction receipts, blocks and confirmations

In Bitcoin, there is a best practice to wait between three to six block confirmations before accepting an transaction. This is to avoid double spending. Are there similar rules of thumb in Ethereum? ...
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Post the DAO-fork, is there a double-spending problem?

If an account had ETH before the DAO-fork does the ETH now not exist on both the ETH and the ETC chains? A Poloniex notice says "All users who had an Ethereum balance at the moment of the fork now ...
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Ethereum Hard Fork: what happened to legacy Ether?

I currently run Forked Ethereum via Parity. I'm assuming my Ether from before the fork is available on this chain. However, does it also still exist on the Ethereum Classic chain? I tried researching ...
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Blockchain sync lost after restarting geth?

I'm new to mining ethereum so this may be a very basic question. I ran geth in attempt to sync the blockchain on my machine as follows geth --rpc --fast --cache=2048 After letting it spin for about ...
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“txHash: undefined” error using web3.js

Can anyone help me fix this problem? I get 'txHash: undefined' error in terminal var Tx = require('ethereumjs-tx').Transaction const Web3 = require('web3') const web3 = new Web3('https://ropsten....
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What various components are needed to trigger an Ethereum contract?

From what I understand, you must provide Ether so there's an incentive for miners to run the contract, but what else is provided? Must you sign cryptographically (to make sure an unrelated party ...
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Is it bad security to use the same private keys and/or keyfiles across production, testnet, and dev?

I'd like to understand the security implications of re-using keys across a privatenet, the public testnet, and the production network. If this is bad, why so? Are there advantages or disadvantages to ...
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How does Ethereum know that I have enough ETH to spend?

Ethereum uses account-based model. It means that if account A has 50 ETH and sends 10 ETH to account B, transaction will look like "send 10 ETH from A to B" (no inputs and outputs as in UTXO). With ...
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Ethereum Mist wallet 0.8.0 won't receive any payments anymore

Mist would not receive any payments. I have not updated after 0.8.0. Is the reason because I have not done anything to choose which chain I will use?
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