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How to convert bytes32 to string? [duplicate]

I input an string data as bytes32 type. Now i cannot return that string in readable form? any way to do that?
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Can bytes32 be changed to a string in solidity? [duplicate]

I was wondering if it is possible to convert a bytes32 to a string in solidity like this, I want an input bytes32 input = 0x74657374 and an output of string output = "0x74657374"
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How to quickly test a Solidity function?

There are snippets and functions of Solidity code provided on this Ethereum Stack Exchange and other sites. What are ways to quickly test them, possibly debug a little, and play around?
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Convert address to string

In Solidity, how can I convert the sender address to a string? The comments in How to convert an address to bytes in Solidity? did not provide a working solution
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Conversion of uint to string

I am trying to convert uint to string in solidity. Is it possible to convert? if so how can I convert it? Convertion to base 10 is prefered, but in hexadecimal might also be helpful.
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How to convert byte array to bytes32 in solidity

I want to know the syntax to convert a byte array to bytes32 in solidity. This is a follow up to the question- How to store Public Key in Ethereum contract? I want to retrieve the PublicKey stored ...
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Getting infinite gas estimates for simple functions

I am testing out solidity in remix ide using simple contracts. This is the contract that I wrote: contract mortal { address owner; function mortal() { owner = msg.sender; } function kill(){ ...
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How to concatenate a bytes32[] array to a string?

I am passing an array of bytes32 to my function. This array can contain numbers or hashes etc. to identify an object. In a new use case I want to pass a URL to this function by splitting the URL into ...
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Error when using string type as a mapping key

The following code doesn't compile, because compiler needs a mapping key to be of fixed-size type in order to create accessor for a public mapping. I'm using here string type. My strings are 24 byte ...
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Keccak256(parameter) How to pass a string to be hashed?

I'm trying to do something that in theory is very simple: I want to pass a string like "hello" to a function and then compute the sha3/keccak256 hash. I think the problem is that if the parameter is a ...
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How to join strings with numbers in Solidity

I'd like to format url with number parameters as following: The problem is, it's always truncated after first number parameter e.g:
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Solidity return string not hex?

Currently I'm using to create a contract. At this stage it simply gets and stores some values. However when I try and get the values they are in bytes/hex even though the return type is ...
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Compare bytes32 and string using solidity

I need to compare a bytes32 value with a string. In the below example I need to check if QRVal==QRScanVal. Eg: bytes32 QRVal="0xc59aa6848d32d073bdcaa041b2735d3e4546d0836498e30de7c4c64c50933a33"; ...
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Convertion from bytes 8,16,32 to String

I know it has been asked a lot of times but the newest post about this I could find was about 1 year old. To me it seems quite possible that things have changed since then. So my question: Is there an ...
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Solidity return array from struct

I use solidity with web3.js and know that we actually cannot return the whole struct array, but I would like to know if it is possible to return only a type in the struct as an array. Lets say i have ...
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