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How to edit a contract that has already been deployed? [duplicate]

I have been writing my first few contracts. So, as I understand it, once you write, compile, and deploy your contract, the only way to then interact with that contract is via something like web3.js ...
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remove contract on ethereum blockchain using web3 [duplicate]

Is it possible to remove or update already deployed contract using web3 or truffle console or geth console?? if we know the contract details like address and ABI array, and we create a object of ...
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Can you update contract token decimals and token name? [duplicate]

So I'd like to change token decimals and token name in a specific contract. Is it possible?
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Adding Airdrop functionality to an already deployed erc20 smart contract [duplicate]

How can you add airdrop functionality to an already deployed smart contract on the mist wallet?
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How to edit total supply after deployment? Parity [duplicate]

I was playing around in parity and deployed my own token. However,in total supply calculation I have made a mistake of not multiplying desired_supply * 10^decimals and ended up with less coins. How ...
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Solidity: Contract Inheritance and upgrade [duplicate]

This might have been answered somewhere else, but I couldn't find a 100% satisfying answer. I have the following contracts: Contract One {} Contract Two is One{} Contract Three is Two {} All the ...
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How can I update contracts after they are created? [duplicate]

Once I create a smart contract and submit it to the blockchain, how can I go about updating it? I might want to do this because I have found a bug in the current version, I want to change some of the ...
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Smart-contracts version upgrade [duplicate]

Imagine that we have developed a couple of smart contracts and we deploy in a production enviroment. With the pass of the time we look that we need some functions that in the deployed contracts are ...
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Guidelines for designing contracts to handle bugfixes? [duplicate]

Most introductory guides for contract design talk about creating "mortal" contracts (contracts that include some function that triggers a suicide() call), but what about if that contract was for some ...
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eval type functionality [duplicate]

Languages such as javascript and Perl have eval statement. Is it possible to have some functionalty similar to eval in Solidity ? In particular, this is what I want to do: Suppose I deploy a ...
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If it's possible to change solidity code once deployed in ethereum blockchain [duplicate]

I deployed solidity code in ethereum blockchain. Now my client ask to add some function in the deployed solidity code and need update that code in same contract address but i do no if it's possible or ...
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ERC20 smart contracts [duplicate]

I deployed an ERC20 smart contract, but I need to make some changes on it. How do I do that? Heard that it is not possible to do it, once the contract is deployed. An experienced developer must have ...
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Can I modify contract? [duplicate]

I have issued a contract, but it doesn't contain subtract totalsupply logic, I want to modify the original contract, how can I do that with same contract address? Does some one know? Please help. ...
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How do I edit a contract already in the blockchain? [duplicate]

I have a contract currently in the chain and I want to add a feature. Do I need to make a brand new contract, or is there a better way? And if I have registered the contract with a name can I ...
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Updateable contract design: Database contract only accessible through setters and getters? [duplicate]

Hey I'm designing a Dapp that has a database contract and a contract with the logic side. The only way I can see of making this work is through having the logic contract make a call to a getter or ...
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