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How many ethereum can I mine with 6 * Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 8GB mining rig? [duplicate]

I planned to create a mining rig with 6 * Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 8GB cards ? I just want to know how many Ethereum I can mine per day if i use it 24hours continuously.. The mining rig is expected to get ...
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How do I determine if mining Ether is going to be a viable (profitable) endeavor? [duplicate]

I'm new to Ethereum and mining. I would like to start mining for Ether and have been following threads and articles on the AMD 290's GPU capabilities and would probably want to lean towards this ...
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Geth node starts to sync from the beginning after fast sync

I have synced using the --fast command. Now how should I proceed? I tried stopping it, and then running geth --rpc but it says: Last Header #1311471 Last Block #0 Fast Block #1310224 What should I ...
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How fast should be an internet connection to mine ETH?

How fast should be an internet connection to mine ethereum and don't have connection issues? What about ping? And, how many GB of data would get downloaded over a month period? I have a 250GB limit.
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Electrical kWh per Ether

Does anyone have data on the typical kWh required to produce 1 ETH? This answer suggests 13.46 KWh/ETH. It would be useful to find some comparison data. I'd imagine these values are dependent on ...
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Can you mine with 2GB cards or less? Thinking about the DAG issues

So I'm really new to mining and I tried setting up a Claymore miner on a rig with a 2GB card, it gave me a error saying something that the DAG wasnt enough and then I looked it up on google and I only ...
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Mining wattage on Sapphire R9-390

got my first rig coming online. 6x Sapphire R9-390. I have 2x 750w power supply. Am I good? Does anyone have these cards and know the watt draw? Thank you :-)
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Should I avoid CLI geth and Ethereum-Wallet both using the same data dir

I've been running Ethereum-Wallet as my wallet on OSX for a while, and it's fine. It's using /Users/myname/Library/Ethereum as it's data dir. I've just installed geth via homebrew with a view to ...
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Mining difficulty compared to bitcoin

What is current payout of ether mining compared by bitcoin mining in terms of usd per unit of electricity/time? Can hardware designed for bitcoin can be used for ether with same efficiency? I ask ...
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Can a cyber cafe mine ETH seperately on each computer?

Is there a limit to how many computers can be mining from one ip address, and if i can make 1 ETH a month from one computer if i hook up 7 can i make the 7 ETH a month and could they go to one wallet ...
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Is that worth to take the latest CPU to mine Ethereum?

I've been thinking that it's actually worth, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing something there, as I looked into the last AMD 8x R9 390, that has a 250MH/s rate, which is pretty impressive, while it ...
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Is it worth to mine Ethereum today? [closed]

Worth buying a pc with 2 GPU's in a crossfire to mine Ethereum? I plan to spend ~$1000 on that pc. What client to use? What os is better to use? Ubuntu?
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