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What does it mean that the next DAG is in X days?

Before you jump all over this a duplicate question. I did read things related to DAG like here: What actually is a DAG? But that doesn't answer my question, what does it mean when my mining pool ...
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Miner taking a long time to start on private network

When I start the mining process it can take over an hour before the first block is mined. Once the mining has started each new block is very quick. My mac is the only node on a private chain so it ...
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How is DAG related to Merkle Tree?

After reading the Ethash wiki, I kind of get DAG is something that every node can identically generate to verify the work. However I don't get how the DAG is related to Merkle Tree. Can anyone explain ...
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what is the hardware requirement for miners in windows? [duplicate]

Are there any hardware requirements for using miners in windows? if yes, what are the requirements?
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ethereum ledger size

I don't understand quit well what are the requirements on the disk volume to run a full node of ethereum and what is its expected growth. e.g. for now I have the following volume distribution across ...
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Ethereum private network on docker

I am trying to create a private network on docker such that each geth node in the network is run on a docker container. I followed this git hub blog :
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How to make mining efficient in terms of memory, for a light weight client?

Since mining is resource intensive process, how to make it more efficient for a lightweight client in terms of memory. I am ready for a trade off even it takes more time to mine than what it would ...
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Can I mine ethereum with a gtx 1060 3GB?

When I'm launching ethminer it return the following lines and exit after m 01:48:55 main Speed 0,00 Mh/s gpu0 0,00 [A0] Time: 00:00 Has my GPU enough memory?
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Blockchain size versus DAG file size

I am a neophyte(noob) in cryptocurrencies so I'm here at stackexchange with this question, what is the difference between blockchain size and dag file size? Because what actually confused me was the ...
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Is there any documentation to visualize example of the original DAG graph that Ethereum generates?

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is well explained here. On Vitalik Buterin's Dagger algorithm's link, the image does not show up. I assume it shows the example of 9 level DAG graph. In levels 1 ...
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Am I mining? Which part of log has to do with it? (Geth)

I'm starting to mine on CPU with geth but am not sure, Is something like that I0519 06:26:02.720818 ethash.go:291] Generating DAG: 67% Supposed to mean that I'm mining? Do I stop mining when ...
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