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Is there a way to get solidity code from bytecode [duplicate]

Recently I had used solidity optimizer. And after reading more about how it works I was interested in trying to go deeper. One of the things I wanted to do was to see how the "solidity" code ...
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how to decompile smart contract bytecode? [duplicate]

I don't want the whole bytecode to solidity. I just want that bytecode have fallback function and it's content. is feature in the bytecode about fallback function? about external contract call, ...
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Is there a Solidity decompiler? [duplicate]

Is there a decompiler that will convert Solidity byte code back into source code? I am wondering how to verify code of contracts that are published to the blockchain.
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How To Decode Contract When only Know Address Contract, No ABI? [duplicate]

I know the contract address. Unknown ABI . So how do I Decode that contract.. I use bytecode-decompiler in EtherScan but It only decodes Function unknow. So how to Decode the full code Contract . ...
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Is there a decompiler for the binary data in the blockchain [duplicate]

I want to know if there is a decompiler for the binary data in the blockchain, I want to know about the details of my contract after it was uploaded to the blockchain?
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Can someone get the source code if it's not "verified"? [duplicate]

my question is: When I deploy contracts on ropsten or other networks but do not verify the source code (make it public with it), can then someone still see my source code? I know, that function calls ...
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How to read the code of a contract deployed on vechain [duplicate]

I tried to read the code of a contract deployed on Vechain by using vechain-explore. For example how do I convert the code on the photo to something readable? I tried using conversion from hexadecimal ...
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What is the best tool to decompile bytecode? [duplicate]

Decompiling directly on etherscan takes forever (Days). Need a few way to decompile, paid or otherwise
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How to find solidity code for a contract address

I need to find out the public contract code i.e. solidity code for a contract address. For eample, here it has a tab for contract code but it's in assembly and byte code only, which is not useful. ...
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How do I see the value of a string stored in a private variable? [duplicate]

I have read many times that sensitive data should never be stored in a transaction, but, specifically, how would the value of a state variable be read if marked private?
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How to check if the address is an ERC20 contract?

edit) VM execution error was a bug on Web3, confirmed my code works fine. I am trying to fetch random addresses from blockchain and trying to categorize them if it is an ERC20 contract address or not....
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How to separate functions in evm bytecode?

I want to build the control-flow-graph (CFG) from the bytecode of a smart-contract (assuming it is obtained by compiling a Solidity source file). This CFG should also distinguish the different methods ...
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how to get code for already deployed contract in ethereum network

Let's say peer A is deployed a contract and exposes contract ABI. Peer B wants to join the same network.He have the ABI with him.But he wants to see the real contract code before joining the network....
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Is there a way to reverse engineer and know the ABI of a contract just by knowing its contract address?

Let me be clear on this, here i want reverse functionality. I have the contract address generated and i am able to access it in the mined block. However i want to know what is the data in ABI json ...
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Lost my deployed contract code. Anyway of viewing this?

Long story short I lost the contract code that I deployed. This is deployed to the live net. Is there anyway of being able to view the source of the contract code that has been deployed?
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