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Can transaction fee be paid by 3rd account? [duplicate]

I have a scenario like that: I have a "Main" account with ethereum client: And there are other two accounts, lets call them: "A" and "B" "A" account will send to "B" account some token (ecr20 token)...
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Can I buy the gas within the contract code? [duplicate]

The contract contains ether. Can I buy the gas within the contract code?
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How to send custom tokens without ether? [duplicate]

I would like my customers to send a custom token without thinking of a certain amount of ether for gas. So I've tried the standard-token at There's a way described to auto refill the ...
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Can a contract hold the leftover gas for later transactions [duplicate]

Is it possible to leave some gas in a contract for future action and / or top up if the contract is stuck. if yes could you please direct me to documentation.
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An automatically gas payment [duplicate]

I’m a noob in smart contract development so I have a question. Is it possible to make that the smart contract itself can pay gas needed for executing? Or could I chose an address which should pay the ...
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can a gas comission be paid by the owner? [duplicate]

I want to create a token but, I want people to send the tokens without them paying for the gas, is there any command to do this
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I want to pay gas fee from contract, Is it possible? [duplicate]

// here is my contract // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.0; library SafeMath { function add(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint256) { uint256 c = a + b; ...
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Can a contract pay its own fees? [duplicate]

so I've been working on ethereum for the past few weeks, mainly deploying and interacting with contracts but something i noticed is the high gas usage of using the tokens over time, so i was wondering ...
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I want my contract to pay for gas [duplicate]

I want to make a contract-to-contract call paying gas not from the user but from the calling contract's balance. Possible? How?
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API for Gas Transection [duplicate]

I am trying to make a D'app. But I don't know how to fix this issue of paying gas every time. Do the user or owner need to pay everytime they use the application ? can we make it default gas by some ...
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Can contract use its own ethers as a gas when calling other contract? [duplicate]

Can rich contract (that holds some ethers) use them as a gas when it would like to call other contract? gives an example of
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Is it possible to pay gas fee for transaction from contract? [duplicate]

I have created function for consumer to deposited balance into contract, My goal is to deduct gas fee for purchasing subscription from his/her deposited balance as same as subscription is deducting ...
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Paying a transaction fee with an ERC20 token

As far as I understand, one of the ERC20 token's features is that you can pay a transaction fee with it. In other words, you can send them without having Ether. I transferred REP tokens to the ...
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How to make someone else pay for Gas?

My understanding is that msg.sender pays the gas fee. Can a smart contract be written in such a way that it's always the contract owner who pay the fees? As an example, in an ERC20 token when someone ...
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Do users of ERC20 coins need to hold Ether?

Suppose there exists Fancycoin, an ERC20 altcoin which has some functionality implemented by the EVM. It does some nontrivial things that take up gas. According to my understanding, I can receive ...
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