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How to read multiple destination transactions?

I have a system that read normal token transactions with the 0xa9059cbb method, but now I'm receiving transactions like this 0x5ed78dc97ed6c4a3797be99f04977bbcfd45ca5c0ae97ade16dce69e7ecc558a with ...
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What is in return when listening to an event?

In Hellos.sol, there is event initContract after constructor is called. Here is the solidity code: pragma solidity 0.7.0; contract Hello { address owner; uint256 value; event ...
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How do I decode the transaction's log with

I can filter my events (please see), but instead of that if I know only the transaction hash and if its already deployed, is it possible to obtain and parse the transaction's log data using ...
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How to decode event log info from contract?

I have structure of event in my Solidity code like event test(address investor, uint256 priceinWei). I make a request to etherscan to get all logs from contract on specific addres and get { '...
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Does a token-transfer always have a value of zero?

Usually a token-transfer has a (ETH) value of zero and the amount is encoded in the input-data payload. Some projects even distinguish between normal and other transfers by checking for zero: https://...
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Convert transaction log hash to readable format

I am trying to convert transaction logs in text (human readable format) tried 2 methods 1. using web3.toAscii(receipt.logs[0].topics[0]) 2.Using coder.js according to this answer While using 2nd ...
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Location of coder.js in Windows

I have web3.js working on my Windows machine, I need to access web3 library called coder.js, according to this answer the location of that library is web3/lib/solidity/coder.js But I cannot find ...
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How to access events via nodejs that were created in solidity [duplicate]

Following is my contract: pragma solidity ^0.4.4; contract Process{ address public owner; uint balance; uint amount; function Process(){ owner = msg.sender; balance = 1000; } event ...
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Are there any libraries/tools for encoding input for data field of method? [duplicate]

You can call contract functions using method. Information on which function to call and what arguments to pass to this function is encoded according to the rules that can be found here. ...
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How to parse the event data [duplicate]

The event logs can be obtain via getReceipt for specific transaction. However, the data is not friendly. How can i parse those topics , data and the event name ? the receipt of a specific ...
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How do I parse filter log in ethereumj

As mentioned in this link How do I parse the transaction receipt log with web3.js? it works fine for web3 js but how do i parse in ethereumJ. Event tracking and decoding from ethereumj I believe it ...
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Structure of a transaction receipt

What does it mean line by line? Result: { "blockHash": "0xe6b110c9167d9aabeb13b02a7b9358d879426474a79170403d67da33a391dbdc", "blockNumber": 665, "contractAddress": null, "...
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Retrieving tx.origin and msg.sender from blockchain data

In Solidity, origin and sender can be easily differentiated through tx.origin and msg.sender, respectively. Is it also possible to obtain both sender and origin of a specific transaction from the ...
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How to access the event log by knowing the contract address (web3)?

How can I access a log stored in one of the tx of the contract via web3? Code example: event newtest(string indexed name, uint indexed idlevel,string indexed multib, string objmulti, uint objnm); ...
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