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how to get public key from metamask? [duplicate]

I'm creating a dapp. and I need my users on my website to provide public keys. As I am lazy to write a script which generates public/private keys automatically, I want to suggest an idea that they use ...
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Recover public key from message and signature [duplicate]

I try to recover a public key (not an address) from a message and a signature. I have the following message: def offer_hash(msg, nonce): types = ['bytes', 'bytes', '...
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How are ethereum addresses generated?

What criteria does a valid Ethereum address need to fulfill, is it just a random number in hexadecimal? Or does it need to be derived in a specific way, according to some cryptographic algorithms? ...
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How to encrypt a message with the public-key of an Ethereum address

I am writing some code in nodejs/browser. I have successfully created ethereum-addresses with the secp256k1-library. I was also able to sign and verify messages. Now I want to encrypt/decrypt a ...
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What does v, r, s in eth_getTransactionByHash mean?

In Ethereum JSON-RPC I found the return is: Returns Object - A transaction object, or null when no transaction was found: hash: DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of the transaction. nonce: QUANTITY - the number ...
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Is Ethereum secure against an attack by quantum computers?

Does Ethereum implement Post-quantum cryptography? Or will the network break once a malicious actor gains control of an effective quantum computer?
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Ethereum ecrecover signature verification and encryption

The question of signing and verifying signatures with Solidity has been asked in these questions, both of which I have tried to study: How can I sign a piece of data with the private key of an ...
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Is it safe to reuse Ether addresses?

I believe it's viewed as unsafe in Bitcoin because of the way transactions are signed. Is this also true for Ether addresses?
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Location of public and private keys of Ethereum account

I want to know the details about key generation and handling in Parity. The questions listed are all related, so I put them all in this one question post. When a new Ethereum account is created on ...
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Encrypting/Decrypting data on IPFS using Ethereum Public/Private key?

I would like my app to connect to a Web3 wallet, store encrypted data on IPFS, then retrieve that data and decrypt it (without the user exposing their private key to my app). Is this possible? If not, ...
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Is there a way to get public key using web3.js?

I know there are ways to get public key from private key using other then web3js tools (EthereumJS: How to get public key from private key and
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How to recover public from tx signature(r,s) and verify signature?

My first question is how to verify signature using only r,s and elliptic curve paramete, and an address (which is hashed of public key, so cannot retrieve public key from the address)? Next question ...
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Is it possible to derive public key from ETH address?

Goal (not asking XY question): send ETH to an address web3.js script monitoring it and acting upon transaction if msg.value > 0.1 ether then... ...encrypt a file with the public key of the msg....
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Extracting Public key from signed Ethereum message or transaction in JavaScript

I'm trying to find out how to derive a public key (not the address) of an Ethereum account by using ethereumjs-util's ecrecover method. Basically I get a transaction by hash using Web3, convert r, s ...
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Transaction Signing & Hashing

I've been looking through EthereumJ, Trying to understand how transaction hashing and signing works. From what I can tell from the code, the signature is created by signing the hash of the RLP ...
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