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Verify Signature in JS Console [duplicate]

In the geth console: eth.sign(eth.accounts[0],web3.sha3('yesyesyall')) Returns: "...
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Is Ethereum wallet address case sensitive?

I sent some amount of ETH to a wallet. I checked the wallets balance on ether chain. I entered the address in the search field and noticed both lowercase and uppercase versions of the address seemed ...
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ecrecover from Geth and web3.eth.sign

I have tried to use ecrecover() to verify the signature of a message. I have looked at lots of references here and elsewhere, like: How does one ...
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workflow on signing a string with private key, followed by signature verification with public key

I know this question has been asked and answered, but while trying to get everything to work, I've come across some problems. This is what I'm trying to do: 1. take a target string 'Schoolbus' 2. ...
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Does ecRecover in solidity expects the "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n"-prefix

I struggle heavy to actually recover the ethereum address from a hash and the {r, s, v} from a signature with the ecRecover-method in solidity. What i want is to sign another ethereum-address. So i ...
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Getting an address from ethereumjs-utils ecrecover

I am trying to sign a string using web3.eth.sign() and then get the public key I signed with from the signature. To do this I am using ecrecover() from ethereumjs-utils, which returns a buffer. When I ...
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Should signed text messages use the "\x19Ethereum Signed Message" prefix?

Background: I want to implement sign message feature in Trezor. Is there a standard for signing text messages? So far I found out that signs messages without the prefix, i.e. it signs ...
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Ethereum signature verification not matching

What I want to achieve is sign a message and then verify the signature whether verified by same address or not. Contract to Invoke ecrecover method to verify the address contract MyAuth { ...
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Issue while trying to verify signature

I am using the following to sign a message var str="Trial with signature"; text=web3.sha3(str); var sig=web3.eth.sign(eth.accounts[0],text); Now after obtaining the hash value from the text and ...
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I need help with signatures

So, for my studies, I am supposed to interact with a contract function that has the following built in condition: if (ecrecover(_h, _v, _r, _s) == msg.sender && _h == sha3(this)) I am ...
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Secp256k1 bindings are not compiled. Pure JS implementation will be used

I am trying to create a meteor dapp that can sign a piece of data and then recover the address it was signed with. When I run the dapp I get this error in the console: Secp256k1 bindings are not ...
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Signature generated through web3.eth.sign not leading to same address after fromRpcSig

I am trying to write sign a challenge using web3.eth.sign, web3 uses ganache.provider(), But when i do fromRpcSig(signature) ecrecover(challenge) which results in different address. But when i sign ...
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Getting incorrect signer address on verifying the signature with the generated hash of the signed message in solidity

Basically on verifying the signature with the generated hash of the signed message, I'm getting the correct signer on JS, but not on Solidity. JS Code (According to Keir Finlow-Bates' suggestion): ...
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