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Geth or Mist do not sync any more [duplicate]

I am new to ethereum but managed to successfully start Geth on 2 of my machines , and could also install MIST. Now, since several days, one of my machines does not sync with the testnet anymore. I ...
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Sending custom token on testnet doesn't appear on etherScan or recipient wallet [duplicate]

The transaction is shown in my wallet with a blockcode. But when I clicked to go to, it said the transaction cannot be located. I searched with my address for all transactions, the custom ...
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Cannot use Mist for the testnet [duplicate]

Please help me and it is quite urgent. Started from last week, I could not use the Mist and Ethereum wallet on a window environment. I always uses the test-net, however, it just stop sync again. I ...
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Etherscan Unable to locate Transaction entry [duplicate]

I'm using the Ropsten network with Parity and when I send a transaction from an account to another account I get the good transaction hash. When I'm trying to call getTransaction(transaction_hash) I ...
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Parity account balance not updated [duplicate]

I'm using parity in ropsten testnet. My account address is 0x00562e88274Ac44752913955EEEd4CAa939C6abB. On etherscan it says that account balance is 4 ether but on parity it says that "There are no ...
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Is Ropsten testnet dead? [duplicate]

I am using the Ropsten testnet but it is stuck syncing only one block at a time around block 589000. How should i approach this? Just let it keep syncing? delete the whole blockchain and redownload it?...
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Sync very slow on testnet after block around 589000 [duplicate]

For the past few days testnet is not working properly. As of now sync is very slow and all the testnet ether is lost. I came to know all this is because of some spamming attack. Did the steps ...
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Node running on testnet doesn't match etherscan explorer [duplicate]

Two of my nodes running geth version 1.5.3 have been working great on testnet since 24th November 2016 by using this command: geth --rpc --datadir /mydatadir/.ethereum/testnet --networkid 3 but ...
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Geth syncing very slowly in testnet [duplicate]

Geth is syncing very slowly in testnet after block 588000. I read that it might be because the testnet is under attack? To fix the problem do I have to delete the current blockchain and download it ...
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Peer is constantly lying ( or just confused about the current head) [duplicate]

I think every one should have the right to disagree about the chain head - but he should not tell me all the time: GoLog: I0305 11:44:49.604203 eth/downloader/downloader.go:640] Peer f61925002670fd0a ...
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geth testnet struck at block number 638910 [duplicate]

I am using geth, initially blocks I am having are continuously behind what I can see at I am using ubuntu, and I start ethereum by giving the command :geth --testnet ...
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Comparison of the different TestNets

The Metamask wallet allows access to four test networks: Ropsten Kovan Rinkeby Goerli I'm curious: What are the similarities/differences between them? Which use cases are best for each network Are ...
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What public testnets (test networks) and faucets exist?

What public test-networks exist and what are their conditions? What are the connection data? How often (if so) are they reset? Does a public faucet exist for this test network? Does a block explorer ...
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What is Olympic, Frontier, Morden, Homestead and Ropsten Ethereum blockchain?

I am studying Ethereum and have not been able to figure out the difference between Homestead and Morden. In some docs, it is written that Homestead uses a new algorithm which takes less time. I don't ...
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What is the purpose of Görli Testnet?

Görli testnet is started with the goal of being widely usable across all client implementations supporting Clique PoA engine (EIP-225) (see Comparison of the different TestNets) Since it exists ...
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