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What are the safest wallets for receiving and storing Ether from an ICO? [duplicate]

Is it safe to use something like MyEtherWallet to set up a wallet and use that address in your crowdsale contract to receive funds from an ICO (thousands of ether)? If not, what is the recommended ...
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Which wallet should I use for Ethereum? [duplicate]

Could someone please suggest a safe wallet to use for Ethereum please? I would ideally want to use a desktop wallet- I saw Exodus but I have heard it has high fee costs. I will be buying a ledger ...
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I sent My ETC to my ETH address on atrezor

I sent My ETC to my ETH address on a trezor I read the explanation here on stackExchange and i understand i need the private keys, but I can't get the private keys on a trezor. what should I do? ps I ...
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install ethereum wallet on local computer

I want to be able to transfer ether from an online exchange to a private wallet on my local computer. How can I install a safe standard wallet? Do I need to install ethereum blockchain first? If so, ...
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Safe guarding my wealth [duplicate]

Is it safe to store the only copy of your Keystore/JSON file on a flash drive? I am currently using this method
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How does a hardware wallet protect you?

I know I must be getting some basic idea wrong, so I'd like you to explain to me: If I have for example Mist wallet installed on multiple computers that are connected to the internet, all with the ...
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Why is there no backup for wallet keys?

I've seen several responses from actives saying once a keystore is lost, all is lost. This is absolutely unacceptable. Having to find C\USERS\\APPDATA\ROAMING\ETHEREUM\KEYSTORE or wherever it is, ...
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Move/Sell ether from Etherscan to another wallet

I bought some ether at and pasted it into my watchlist at Now I have some questions: Can I sell my actual ETH at etherscan? If not, how can I move it to my wallet at ...
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Offline storage recommendation [duplicate]

After purchasing from a site like coinbase I would like to transfer from their wallet, what are some recommended storage options for ethereum? My final solution is a hardware option like the ledger ...
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What is the best wallet for ETH [duplicate]

I am about to invest to ETH and I am looking for an application/website what could serve me as a wallet. What happens if I switch a device or lose a key to my account? What happens if the website/...
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Are there Ethereum Wallets (other that Mist) that provide support for test-network

I was going through a list of Ethereum wallets from here and here. Some good or I should say popular ones other than Mist were Jaxx and MyEtherWallet. But I was concerned if any Ethereum wallet ...
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Tutorial for ethereum wallet creation in android [duplicate]

I am very new to ethereum and would like to learn it. Is there some tutorial available which lets me create an ethereum wallet for android ?
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mist.exe , Ethereum-Wallet.exe not a Win32 valid application

I can't install any kind of official wallet on my computer. When i try to run the exe from the downloaded content all i get is this error not a valid Win32 application. I can not run on my Windows XP ...
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How do I transfer balance to another address? w/o syncing with network

I have a single ethereum address that has ether in it from 2015 when I was playing around with Geth and the CLI. I have removed the blockchain and associated homebrew files from my computer. How can I ...
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Suggestions on ether wallets for easy use? [duplicate]

Does anyone have any suggestions on ether wallets that provide fast (no syncing required) interface like MyEtherWallet and also easy to navigate for making transactions (without the need to work out ...
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Does Ethereum have a list of developer "approved" unofficial wallets with their pros and cons? [duplicate]

Bitcoin offers a list of wallets here which is helpful for beginners in deciding what will work best for them (cold storage, web wallet, full node, SPV wallet, etc)
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Secure paper wallet creation for ETH using JS

I am about to start the process of transferring my ETH to paper wallets for safe keeping. Currently the funds are stored on an online exchange. History shows that this is a very bad idea. It is not ...
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Is there any hardware wallet available for Ethereum?

What are the various available hardware wallets for Ethereum?
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How can I create a multisignature address on Ethereum?

I want to store my ether in a form that requires more than one digital signature in order to authorise spends. How do I do on that on Ethereum?
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