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mist.exe , Ethereum-Wallet.exe not a Win32 valid application

I can't install any kind of official wallet on my computer. When i try to run the exe from the downloaded content all i get is this error not a valid Win32 application. I can not run on my Windows XP ...
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Suggestions on ether wallets for easy use? [duplicate]

Does anyone have any suggestions on ether wallets that provide fast (no syncing required) interface like MyEtherWallet and also easy to navigate for making transactions (without the need to work out ...
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Does Ethereum have a list of developer "approved" unofficial wallets with their pros and cons? [duplicate]

Bitcoin offers a list of wallets here which is helpful for beginners in deciding what will work best for them (cold storage, web wallet, full node, SPV wallet, etc)
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Secure paper wallet creation for ETH using JS

I am about to start the process of transferring my ETH to paper wallets for safe keeping. Currently the funds are stored on an online exchange. History shows that this is a very bad idea. It is not ...

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