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What are the limitations to estimateGas and when would its estimate be considerably wrong?

web3.eth.estimateGas and JSON-RPC estimateGas can be used to see how much gas should be specified for a transaction, before crafting the transaction. Since it is an estimate, are there any ...
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Can Solidity view/pure functions be arbitrarily complex?

Non-constant functions are limited in computational complexity by the block gas limit. I assume, but am not sure, that this does not apply to view/pure functions. Are view/pure functions in any way ...
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Solidity Exceeds block gas limit during Mocha Tests with Ganache-cli

How can I increase the gas limit in this case? The error message is "n: Exceeds block gas limit" or "base fee exceeds gas limit". I think there is some kind of api I need to set the block gas limit ...
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Gas consumption of a view public function

In my contract I have a view public function that returns an array of bytes32 elements. In remix it produces a warning saying it might run out of block gas limit if I use this function. As I had read ...
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Is there a gas limit for view requests?

E.g. a function that just returns huge struct data. Is there any limit in data so that calling this function will not be possible? pragma solidity ^0.4.13; contract Project { struct Person { ...
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Why view/pure functions need gas?

pragma solidity ^0.4.11; contract Test { function toBytes(address a) public pure returns (bytes b) { assembly { let m := mload(0x40) mstore(add(m, 20), xor(...
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High gas consumption when using `staticcall` on a non-view/pure function

Even though functions called with staticcall cannot modify the state, I ran into an issue when (accidentally) calling a non-view/pure function using staticcall. For example, using this contract: ...
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Exceeds block gas limit error to call view functions

With solidity view function, you can specific the amount of gas to use. My understand is since it is not a state changing transaction, all the gas cost is not charged for, and the client should be ...
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How to interpret the "Gas Limit" column on etherscan's internal txns view?

Here's a Kovan transaction I'm trying to optimize: I've noticed that the "Internal Txns&...
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Block Gas Limit Doubt

Suppose i have a loop. Here user is a struct of which player is an address. address[] memory addrs = new address[](n); for(uint i=0;i<n;i++){ addrs[i] = user.player; } return addrs; This is a ...
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