documentation describes a method of accelerating creation of a full-node using a snapshot.

However, it is not clear in which order these commands should be executed and if it makes any difference:

geth --datadir /srv/node init genesis.json
unzip geth.zip -d /srv/node/


unzip geth.zip -d /srv/node/
geth --datadir /srv/node init genesis.json

It is also not clear if there are any special attributes that should be used when syncing node using snapshot.

This is what I am using at the moment:

./build/bin/geth \
  --syncmode snap \
  --config ./config.toml \
  --datadir /srv/node \
  --cache 18000 \
  # https://blog.ethereum.org/2021/03/03/geth-v1-10-0/
  --rpc.allow-unprotected-txs \
  --txlookuplimit 0 \
  --ipcpath /srv/geth.ipc

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