Hi I have this structure, but when I call the function joinLottery, the mapping for gamblers[0] is not updated. Need help to understand why is this happening.

struct Gambler {
    uint token;
    uint encRandomNumber;
    bool exist;
    address gamblerAdd;
    address issuer;

mapping (int =>  Gambler) public gamblers;
uint public currentNumofGamblers=0;

function joinLottery (uint _token, uint _RandomNumber,
    address _issuer){
    Gambler newGambler = gamblers[int(currentNumofGamblers)]; 
    newGambler.token = _token;
    newGambler.encRandomNumber = _encRandomNumber;
    newGambler.exist = true;
    newGambler.gamblerAdd = msg.sender;
    newGambler.issuer = _issuer;
    winningNumber = RandomNumber; 

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This line is backwards:

Gambler newGambler = gamblers[int(currentNumofGamblers)]; 

You can't assign something to newGambler from gamblers if you haven't put anything in gamblers yet.

Try something like:

gamblers[int(currentNumofGamblers)] = Gambler(

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