function calculateBNBReward( uint256 _tTotal, uint256 currentBalance, uint256 currentBNBPool, uint256 totalSupply, address ofAddress ) public view returns (uint256) { uint256 bnbPool = currentBNBPool;

    // calculate reward to send
    uint256 multiplier = 100;

    // now calculate reward
    uint256 reward = bnbPool.mul(multiplier).mul(currentBalance).div(100).div(totalSupply);

    return reward;

The full source is https://github.com/laronlineworld/RewardToken/blob/main/RewardToken.sol

"Can I change the rewards system by BNB into BTC or BUSD? The token tokenomics is Simply hold tokens in your wallet and you will get more token like RFI model. In addition to this, you will also earn daily rewards in $BNB." My question is how can I change the rewards BNB into BTC or other cryptocurrency?

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