so I really want to create a smart contract for the community to use - one where two people can easily and trustlessly make a bet between each other. V1 of the smart contract would be where two people (or more) bet that cryptocurrency pair X will reach the price of Y by a certain date Q. Once the condition is met, the funds are released to the winner.

It is one of my first smart contracts, I appreciate any help I can get. I know it is far from finished, but maybe someone can point me in the right direction? Would be greatly appreciated. I have a cool and useful product in mind :)

Once the Betting contract is finished, I will want to hook it up with Chainlink decentralized oracle to provide data to the blockchain. Oh, and I would like the dApp to run on Matic.

Where can I learn to do it? I've been watching videos and trying, but I think I reached a point where I can learn further only by trying to do it myself.


pragma solidity ^0.6.7;

contract Betting {

enum State { Created, Locked, Released }

struct Bet {

string pair;

uint price;

uint date;

event BetMade(address bettor, uint amount);

function bet() public payable {

    emit BetMade(msg.sender, msg.value);




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Once you're ready to obtain external price data, be sure to check out the Chainlink docs on how to do this, it's super easy!

I know this isn't a hackathon submission, but we also have a great hackathon resources page with some links that could be useful to you as part of your learning journey

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