Let's say I add liquidity to the ETH-USDT pool, then I remove liquidity some time later.

In between that time, trades have happened and people have added and removed liquidity too.

I only have what's inside the Pair contract, so:

  • reserve0
  • reserse1
  • price as a ratio reserve0/reserve1

I don't have access to:

  • History of swaps that have occurred
  • History of other people adding/removing liquidity

Is it possible to figure out how much I've earned in fees?

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Assuming you are asking about Uniswap V3 - You can call positions:

    function positions(bytes32 key)
        returns (
            uint128 _liquidity,
            uint256 feeGrowthInside0LastX128,
            uint256 feeGrowthInside1LastX128,
            uint128 tokensOwed0,
            uint128 tokensOwed1

This returns the token fees due to a position in both token0 and token1.

  • Sorry I should've prefaced - I meant V2!
    – doctopus
    Commented May 28, 2021 at 3:04

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