I tried using "UniSwap" but 40$ prices for a 12$ trade seemed ridiculously high so I just went on a random site which allowed me to change "gwei" and I put it to 6 I think, I also heard u lose your "gwei" when u cancel the trade so how long should I expect it to be on average? weeks, months? edit: ok i dont think its gonna go through like ever still want your opinion tho, and am i losing my gwei when i cancel the trades

  • "I just went on a random site which allowed me to change "gwei" what a random site? are you using metamask (u can change the price there), AND you should not connect to a random site it's very risky??. Anyway, you can't cancel a transaction after sending it, you can just replace it with another transaction (same nonce, but could be another trade, transfer or sending 0 ether to yourself) while it still in pending status. You lose your "gwei" only when the transaction is mined which probably will not happen.
    – Majd TL
    May 25 at 7:47
  • Take care don't send a new Transaction with a new "nonce" because it will be stuck until the first transaction "old nonce" with your 6 gwei is mined (will probably never happen)
    – Majd TL
    May 25 at 7:48
  • ye i am using metamask it wasnt really a totally random website just the one i found has gwei available to change its zerion ty tho May 25 at 9:13
  • Any updates, How long did your transaction took? May 31 at 6:14

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