I would like to initialize an array of structs:

struct person {
  string firstName;
  string lastName;
person[3] family = [
  person("Will", "Smith"),
  person("Jada", "Smith"),
  person("Brad", "Pitt")

I get a compile error:

"UnimplementedFeatureError: Copying of type struct [...] memory to storage not yet supported.

I just want to initialize an array of Structs. I'd rather not push new instances of "person" one by one in a constructor. Any ideas on what I should do?

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Initialising a storage array of structs right after declaring it is not implemented yet.

You can, however, declare it and then assign values to it in a function (be it the constuctor or another one)

struct Person {
    string firstName;
    string lastName;

Person[3] public family;

constructor() {
    family[0] = Person("Will", "Smith");
    family[1] = Person("Jada", "Smith");
    family[2] = Person("Brad", "Pitt");

Quite Simple.

struct Person
    string firstName;
    string lastName;

Person[] public persons;
Person[4] public people;
// `people` array will be an array of the Person struct that contains only 4 elements of type `Person` struct.

persons.push(Person(firstName value, lastName value));

// To push to the people array 👇🏾
people[index] = Person(firstName value, lastName value);
// Where index can be within 0 and (4 - 1)

The array to work with will then be persons or the people depending on your choice.

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