Is there a way to get code that convert ABI to HTML interface ? I found example in multiples apps but can't find the code, lot of dead github.

Apps where I find what I want :



MyEtherWallet (and probably Mycrypto.com) image below : enter image description here

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Here's the source for Interact with contract: https://github.com/MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet/blob/master/src/layouts/InterfaceLayout/containers/InteractWithContractContainer/InteractWithContractContainer.vue

Here's the source for Deploy contract: https://github.com/MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet/blob/master/src/layouts/InterfaceLayout/containers/DeployContractContainer/DeployContractContainer.vue

  • the links are dead. do you still have the code ?
    – ihor.eth
    Commented Dec 30, 2021 at 19:46

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