Already read this How is the price of a token determined on Etherscan? but still not understand how a new fresh token is priced.

I mean .. I just create a token named "ABCD" with 1.000 of suply and deploy it into the BSC. Well ... how much is it costing in BUSD for example?

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You need to create a liquidity pool. For example you create the pool in Quickswap with 500 USDT and 500 of your tokens, then your token can be bought or sold for $1. If someone buys (gives USDT to get tokens), the price of the token will go up, and if it sold (give tokens to get USDT) it will go down

  • how to calculate what price will be if I buy 5 tokens for 5 USDT? As input params we have 2 pools: in USDT and ETH, total pool count, transaction count (this is by Uniswap documentation)
    – sirjay
    Commented Feb 27 at 23:23

When you create an ERC20 token and deploy it on a blockchain network like BSC or Ethereum, the initial price of the ERC20 token is not automatically decited on-chain. Instead, the price of the token is typically established through trading on DEXs(like uniswap), or centralized exchanges.


For Example:

500 Tokens = 500 USD (You are determining the token value by adding it to the pool like uniswap)

Now the token Price is 1:1 (1 Token = 1 USD)

Someone Buy 20 Tokens (Giving 20 USD to the pool)

480 Tokens = 520 USD (20 Tokens sent to user and 20 USD sent to the pool from user)

Now the token price is 1 USD = 0.92 Tokens (Tokens/USD = Current Price)

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