According to EIP-1087 https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-1087 , it take 20,000 gas to set a slot from 0 to non-zero with SSTORE while it takes only 5000 gas for any other change. Why does 0 to non-0 change take higher gas than any other change?


This is a form of state or storage rent.

When you change a state slot from 0 (the default) to non-0, you are increasing the size of the overall state data. The overall blockchain data - the "world state" - is 256-bits bigger than it was, and you are paying for that privilege.

In the real world, this means you are storing extra data on the HDDs/SSDs of anyone running a full or archive node.

If you're only changing the data from a non-0 value to another non-0 value, you are not increasing the size of the data, and not asking everyone running a node to increase the use of their storage hardware.

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