I am trying to run my own geth node, as I am interested in monitoring the txpool's pending and queued transactions.

I plan to mostly use a websocket connection from the same server, but it's possible that I will need connections from another server on the same network (e.g. from an IP address like 172.x.x.x)

Here is my current geth command:

geth --datadir=./chaindata --rpc --rpcapi="eth,net,rpc,web3,txpool,personal,debug,admin" --rpccorsdomain='*' --port 30303 --txpool.globalslots=250000 --txpool.globalqueue=50000 --syncmode=fast --cache=2048 --ws --ws.port=8546 --ws.addr="" --ws.origins="*" --ws.api="web3, eth" --maxpeers=500 console

What value can I use for --ws.origins to allow for access from ONLY the same network?



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