I am using backends.SimulatedBackend in unit testing.

however, backends.SimulatedBackend is not compatible with ethclient.Client.

Any one can advise how to create a ethclient.Client in unit testing? Thank you

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check this out..

Use backends.SimulatedBackend and ethclient.Client synonymously

Probably the following package helps with what you try to achieve...


At line 12 at the comments it says:

// Blockchain is a generalized interface for interacting with the ethereum blockchain

// it satisfies all functions required by the ethclient, and simulated backend types.

// This allows you to use ethclient and the simulated backend interchangeably which is

// particularly useful for testing

You could try to use exactly this "Blockchain" interface or treat the backends.SimulatedBackend and the ethclient.Client sperately (as it should be).

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