I'm asking for the mechanical explanation of what happens to the ERC-20 token data at the original address; post migration to a new chain. For example, if I had 100 LivePeer (LPT) ERC-20 tokens at address "x"; had them migrated onto VeChain. What remains at address "x"? Do the original ERC-20 tokens disappear? Or do they stay behind (visible in etherscan) but are basically deprecated/dead?


When some one migarates tokens from one blockchain to other; the tokens actually don't move.

Let's say you have a MetaTokenETH on ethereum chain and then you create another token MetaTokenV on vChain.

Generally users are asked to swap the tokens from Eth to VChain. So you can send your MetaTokenETH to some adress (maybe a contract) and get equivalent MetaTokenV on vChain (mostly on same address, if both chains are EVM compatible). The MetaTokenETH you sent are burned (or locked in some contract) so no one can claim them again.

PS: I have mentioned generally and mostly quite often because it completly depends on the implementor on how they want their users to convert their tokens.

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