What would be the most convenient way for our team to lock tokens for a vesting period for a relatively large number of wallets? (30+)

We've considered team.finance as well as writing our own contract and UI.

Is there a 3rd option we are missing?



I recommend using Sablier (disclaimer: I'm the founder). Sablier is a protocol for "money streaming", or by-the-second payments. It's been running securely on Ethereum mainnet since December 2019. As of writing this answer Sablier is streaming around $820m worth of ERC-20 tokens.


Notable projects using Sablier to vest their tokens include mStable, Aragon, Sushi, dHedge, Vesper, and Perpetual Protocol.

If you'd prefer to play with the app but not waste any gas, refer to the docs on how to mint testnet DAI tokens. Also, if you'd like to use Sablier with a multisig, we have an integration with Gnosis Safe.

If you'd like a custom token listed in the UI, please join our Discord server to make the request.

  • This looks like the service we are looking for, will check it out for sure. Thanks a lot. – JevNine May 7 at 13:53

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