So, which would be gas efficient?

Reading a storage variable in a state-changing function?


Reading from a pure function in a state-changing function?


contract Test {
    uint256 public a = 10;
    uint256 public b = 1;
    function aPure() public pure returns(uint256) {
        return 10;
    function aFunc() public {
        b = a;
    function aPureFunc() public {
        b = aPure();

In the above, will aFunc() have lower gas cost or aPureFunc()?


So, a simple way I used to check the cost is in Remix IDE, with Gas Profiler. And the results were:


Transaction cost: 23096

Execution cost: 1824


Transaction cost: 22265

Execution cost: 993

So, it turns out, reading from the pure function is gas efficient compared to reading from storage if there are no calculations being done.

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