I am going to mint a collection of 10,000 NFTs. However, I've become very concerned over the gas costs associated with such an endeavor. I was wondering if someone could help me understand the following:

  1. When I created an account on OpenSea there was a one time gas fee. After that I can mint as many NFTs and create as many collections as I want all for free. How is this possible?

  2. If I programmatically mint NFTs on the mainnet for example by following this tutorial, I must pay the gas price when I deploy the contract and for each NFT I mint right? Seems like it will cost a fortune to mint 10,000 if I have to pay a substantial gas price for each mint.

  3. I've looked at Cargo which is supposed to be designed for batch minting but it seems like there is actually a lot of hidden costs.

  4. Is there an inexpensive solution (<US$500) for me to deploy 10,000 NFTs other than uploading them one by one manually onto OpenSea?

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I have no deep understanding of NFT's but I want to share my guesses.

  1. They are probably using classical off-chain methods (using a database) to hold your created NFT until someone pays for transferring it. I think there's no meaning in paying entrance price. They also take commissions for every transfer that is around %2.5

  2. Ethereum network is super expensive. Solution for that using sidechains or layer2 solutions.

  3. IDK anything about Cargo.

  4. The solution that I can offer is this:

    • Deploy all of your NFT's to xdaichain. That side chain has super low fees. (I'have deployed an NFT for 0.01XDAI which is 0.01$).
    • List them on https://xdai.unique.one/ and wait until some sales happen.
    • When you see which of your NFT's are being sold you can bridge them to the main net. (But I don't know how :)


  • Go check nifty.ink draw something and mint to see what it costs. (It's really deploying your NFT to the chain.

OpenSea doesn't actually mint your NFT until someone buys it. So the buyer is usually in-charge of the fee's. OpenSea just stores the image in their database and then does the minting later.

I'm in the same dilemma you're in. I tried looping a mint function, but ultimately you'll be end up paying for each mint.

If I find anything at my end i'll be sure to update.

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