I have two different files which are Project1.sol and Project2.sol

Project2.sol is like:

import "./Project1.sol";
contract Project2{
    address newProject1Address =address(new Project1());

Project1.sol is like:

import "./Project2.sol";

contract Project1 is Project2{


I wanted to deploy Project1 in Project2.sol. And also I have been using a struct which is in Project2 from Project1.sol file. That's why I used "is" in the code.

However, I got an error which is "definition of base has to precede definition of derived contract." for this line: contract Project1 is Project2{

After I checked the error on the internet, there were solutions for two contracts and one file. However, I had two files.

I merged these two contracts in a file.

This is what I did:

pragma solidity >=0.7.0 <0.9.0;

contract Project2{

        Apple[] public applepies;
        struct Apple{
             string name;
             mapping (address => bool) applepie;

        function createProject() external{
             address newProject1Address =address(new Project1(msg.sender));

             uint idx = applepies.length;
             Apple storage newProject = applepies[idx];



contract Project1 is Project2{
        address public creator;

        constructor (address creator1){
             creator= creator1;

        function getDetails(uint index) public{
             Apple storage newv= applepies[index];
             //require(newv.applepie = msg.sender);

Then, I could not deploy Project1 from Project2. When I do that, this the error which I got, "circular reference for contract creation(cannot create instance of derived or same contract)" on this part address newProject1Address =address(new Project1());

What should I do? What is your suggestions?

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