Getting errors about gas limits on a already successfully deployed contract and now transactions on Pancake swap aren’t going through with error “Pancake: K” or this message “we are trying to fix a bug on the chain [00:21] this code: -32603 data: code: -32000 message: "gas required exceeds allowance (41335035) or always failing transaction" proto: Object message: "Internal JSON-RPC error." proto: Object and from user side“ This is the source code


We need help ASAP there’s a lot of holders contract has already been audited what am I missing?!

  • Without looking at code, my guess is that the token has some internal fee and swaps fail due to that. At least Uniswap has special functions to call for such token swaps, dunno if Pancake supports those May 5 at 7:40
  • Just realized I submitted the wrong link here you go github.com/papelprotocol/Papel.sol/blob/main/Papel.sol
    – VVS
    May 5 at 16:26
  • As mentioned by Lauri, it is likely because your token does not transfer the amount equal the parameter set by a user (or a pancake pair) when calling the transfer function. Can you edit your question to describe what your tokens does when a transfer is made? Such as fees, burns, etc. This is likely the problem.
    – Undead8
    May 5 at 17:23

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