Screenshot of directory:


This is the code in my brownie.config.yaml file:

    - SafeMath
  - smartcontractkit/chainlink-brownie-contracts@1.0.2
  - OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts@3.4.0
      - '@chainlink=smartcontractkit/chainlink-brownie-contracts@1.0.2'
      - '@openzeppelin=OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts@3.4.0'
  from_key: ${PRIVATE_KEY}
  from_mnemonic: ${MNEMONIC} 

Code from deploy_advanced.py:

from brownie import AdvancedCollectible, accounts, network, config

def main():
    dev = accounts.add(config['wallets']['from_key'])

When I try to run 'brownie run scripts/advanced_collectible/deploy_advanced.py' I get the following error:

Running 'scripts/advanced_collectible/deploy_advanced.py::main'...
  File "brownie/_cli/run.py", line 49, in main
    return_value, frame = run(
  File "brownie/project/scripts.py", line 103, in run
    return_value = f_locals[method_name](*args, **kwargs)
  File "./scripts/advanced_collectible/deploy_advanced.py", line 4, in main
    dev = accounts.add(config['wallets']['from_key'])
KeyError: 'wallets'

Any advice on how to fix this error?

  • Looks like something is wrong with your config, as in, brownie isn't picking up your config file. Could you add a picture of what your directory looks like? May 6 at 12:58
  • Just updated it with my directory. I did happen to notice that my config file is called brownie.config.yaml vs brownie-config.yaml, not sure if that makes a difference.
    – rizonpoint
    May 6 at 20:23
  • It does. How did you get brownie.config.yaml? May 6 at 20:57
  • Great question that I wish I had the answer too 😅, I was wondering the same thing, must've been a typo on my end... It's now correctly pointing at the config, but i'm getting a "ParserError: while parsing a block mapping" message, is that due to a syntax error?
    – rizonpoint
    May 6 at 21:42
  • 1
    Sounds like a new question ;) May 6 at 21:43

changed brownie.config.yaml -> brownie-config.yaml

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