I am looking for a mechanism that implements Proof of stake (PoS) in ethereum. I am working on a mechanism that closely related to PoS, however, I do not find any other platforms. I was hoping that Proof of Authority (PoA) somehow related to PoS but I get confused by the implementation available on the web.

If you have any knowledge and tutorials that a complete private implements similar to PoS or PoA, please help to get those information. I also have a question that in PoA, regardless of the reputation, the nodes chances to become miner is random and equally weighted?

Thanks in advance.

  • @Lauri Peltonen , Here is the question that I asked. May 5 at 18:54

Binance Smart Chain is basically a PoS implementation of Ethereum. The code is public.

And here is a link to the documentation where you will also find the whitepaper.

  • @ Undead8, Thank you very much. Lately, I was looking at the Substrate that says they support PoS too. Can I use Substrate for that implementation too? By the way, I have recently joined here and my reputation is 11 but I need 15 reputations in order to thumbs up and accept the answer. Could you please help me to reach that milestone? May 6 at 3:38
  • I don't know what substrate is.
    – Undead8
    May 6 at 3:38
  • Here is the official documentation: substrate.dev/docs/en/knowledgebase/getting-started May 6 at 3:40

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