I was able to create a rawTransaction and sign the transaction without issue with the code below.

var rawTransaction = {"from":myAddress, "gasPrice":web3.utils.toHex(yessir),"gasLimit":web3.utils.toHex(210000),"to":contractAddress,"value":"0x0","data":contract.methods.transfer(toAddress, amount).encodeABI(),"nonce":web3.utils.toHex(nonce_sir)} 
var transaction = new Tx(rawTransaction)

Unfortunately, when attempting to send the signed transaction with web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction('0x' + transaction.serialize().toString('hex')).on('receipt', console.log);

I end up getting the following error message.

(node:697) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Returned error: invalid sender

I am not sure what the error is. I wrote the script a month and a half ago, and at the time, it did work very nicely. The code is supposed to transfer ERC-20 tokens from one wallet to another.

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