How to use this code as mine.

I tryed its compile well but unable to deploy its have many contacts cant understand which one will be deploy.


I try to copy paste code but limit issue.

  • Hello. We cannot answer your question because you do not provide details. What does "unale to deploy" means ? How did you do it ? What is the exact error ? – Florian Castelain May 3 at 9:03

Just select the actual contract's name that you want to deploy. The other files and contracts in dropdown menu are just imports. When I was working with the router contracts I didn't get the size issue on remix, I only got it at truffle so you should be able to deploy it easily.

  • My question is its compiling but how to deploy it on bscscan coz when i try to deploy it its show many contracts image in below link imgur.com/a/Zyr81Zh and some of them works but they show only this imgur.com/g3x0rZM – Usama Khan May 3 at 16:20
  • Please check my edited answer. – mzaidi May 3 at 19:48

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