I have something like:

   contract example{
            uint endBlock;
            constructor(uint _elitism) public {
                endBlock= block.number + 40; // 10 min of time
            modifier onlyBeforeEnd() {
                require(block.number  > endBlock, "Auction already ended.");

            function getBalance() onlyBeforeEnd public view returns(uint){
                return msg.sender.balance;

if I try to execute getBalance() fuction, everytime it get: "Auction already ended." But, why? The auction is supposed to last 10 minutes.

could anybody help me, please?

  • May anyone help me?
    – Joncarre
    May 3, 2021 at 22:02

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everytime it get: "Auction already ended." But, why?

The require() statement in the modifier is incorrect.

require(block.number  > endBlock, "Auction already ended.");
        ^                      ^  ^                      ^
        +---------- A ---------+  +---------- B ---------+

The require() statement requires that A is true for code execution to continue. If A is not true, then error B is returned.

A is not true until after the end of the auction. If you are running getBalance() before the end of the auction, A is false, and error B is returned.

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