I have created 2 nodes on different systems. I created accounts and was able to transfer ethers across accounts in the same node. Now i want to connect the 2 nodes on different system. I have used following commands for the nodes:

Node 1:

geth --networkid 100 --identity node1 --verbosity 3 --nodiscover --nat none --datadir "C:\Rahul\blockchain\node1" 

Node 2:

geth --networkid 100 --identity node2 --port 30802 --rpcport 8902 --verbosity 3 --nodiscover --nat none --datadir "C:\Rahul\blockchain\node2"

Now i want to add node2 as a peer to node1. So i used "admin.addPeer(enode Address)".


here is the IP of node2 i.e in another system and 30802 is the port it is listening to.

Now when i enter this command, following is the response i receive:

Error1: (anonymous): Line 1:15 Unexpected token ILLEGAL (and 2 more errors)

Please help me connect these two nodes or instruct me as to where is the mistake.


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First: Take out --nodiscover, it disables automatic node discovery, it would work much better without it. Unless you want to add every node manually.

Second: I guess you're inserting the addpeer command in the first node console...

Third: I would take out ?discport=0 from your addpeer command.

Forth: check there's no invisible characters in this string (it sometimes happens, as in this post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12719859/no-visible-cause-for-unexpected-token-illegal)

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