This is the Contract that I want to use a function of:

contract Origin{
    uint transfer_amount = 0.1 ether;
    address payable owner = xxx;
    function invest() external payable {
    address payable[] recipients;

This is the Contract that I want to connect to the Origin-Contract:

contract Layer2{
    address addressOrigin;
    function setAddressOrigin(address _addressOrigin) external {
        addressOrigin = _addressOrigin;
    function callinvest() external payable{
        Origin origin = Origin(addressOrigin);

I have both Contracts in the same file. Both do compile, and I can deploy both to Ropsten. I cannot verify the code on ropsten.etherscan. It returns: DeclarationError: Identifier not found or not unique. The Error points to 'Origin' in Origin origin = Origin(addressOrigin)

Extra node: I struggle to understand what the line actually does. Also it confused me why the original function 'invest' doesn't need parameters in the code, but on ropsten.etherscan I can type in an amount of Eth to invest.

The goal is of course to use the invest function from the Layer2 Contract.

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